There’s a lot to learn about Design Sprints.

We do trainings, meetups, webinars. Mostly free, always valuable. 

These are our planned events. For custom training at your company, contact us.

Design Sprint December Meetup

12 Dec, 18:00, Amsterdam

Subject TBD, but save the date and join our FREE Meetup series.

Design Sprint Bootcamp NL (€450,-)

16 Jan, 2020

Een 1-daagse Design Sprint training. Je leert wat een Design Sprint is en hoe je ze doet. Zodat jij het juiste product maakt, maar dan sneller.
Na deze training kan je je eigen Sprints draaien.

Lean Innovation Mini course


Let us show you how innovation can be done. In this free 3 day mini class you’ll learn about common innovation fails. And ways to fix it. I’ll show you how to make innovation fast and effective. So you create the right product, but faster.

Past Events

Meetup: Design Sprints Gov vs Corp

Today we’ll zoom in on the environment in which we run a Sprint. To see a contrast -and possibly parallels- we’ll look at running sprints at government and corporate organisations.

1-Day Design Sprint Bootcamp (€450,-)

In this full day training you’ll learn how Design Sprins are done and how you use them to build the right product, but faster.

Lean Innovation Coffee

An organic get-togheter to discuss what we love most: innovation done right.