Succesful products are build on assumptions facts

1SPRINT for better products

Create the right product, faster

Companies invest a lot in building new products. Expectations are high and teams put in all their effort. But often these products can’t deliver to their promises. So product teams fall back to what they’ve always done; adding another feature to their existing product. Hoping to convince the customer.

Innovation is hard to get right. But mostly an improved product development strategy makes all the difference.

Many products are developed from a solution- or technology point of view. While this may work for some, an alternative approach works better. We give the end user a voice early in the process. This makes for a solid product strategy and cuts out high risk assumptions. And creates better products, faster.

It’s all about execution

We do innovation workshops. To kickstart your product development. We start experiments. You’ll learn about your customer, deliver the right product and grow it. Without getting sidetracked.

These workshops are fast-paced. In just a couple of days we go through proven steps to ideate and execute. So you’ll learn and iterate at lightning speed. That’s why they’re called sprints.

We do different sprints for different stages in your product development: Customer Definition Sprints, Lean Product Design Sprints and Growth Sprints.

Customer Definition Sprint

If you don’t know your customers you can’t build killer solutions. This workshop is a Lean Customer Development sprint (see Lean Startup). We’ll explore interviewing and digital marketing techniques to drill down to your target customers and their needs; Essential information for any Product Team. To model or improve your product strategy.

Product Design Sprint

I’m crazy about Design Sprints. In just 4 days you design a product, solve big problems or test completely new ideas. And validate your work in the smartest possible ways. So you’ll have real answers, not assumptions. It’s an essential tool for product developers. Especially for those who cannot afford to loose months of time. 

Growth Sprint

You have a product out there, and it’s catching on OK. But you feel there should be more.

Maybe you want to expand to new markets. In this workshop we spend a week to hack growth for your product. We look at different possibilities and validate directly. Think of different channels, improve your message, rethink your target audience. Or perhaps add a new customer segment.

Design Sprint Training

I ran more than 20 Design Sprints. Tap into my knowledge and learn how to Sprint yourself. You’ll not only learn the essentials but also tips and tricks to get even more out of the method. Like quantitative validation. And how to internalize Sprints in your day to day product development process.

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Hi, I’m Aart. And I love working smarter.

I coached Product Development teams over 10 years now. Always looking to increase end user value. -For me this is the core of Lean/Agile principles, but often lost in the every day hustle.

In my journey for smarter product development, I found Design Sprints to be the ultimate tool. More than once it saved me months of time. Now I combine my skills to help other companies achieve the same.

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Happy clients

I slashed risk, boosted innovation and saved time for many different companies.

Here’s what others say:

Wow, we’re impressed how much we accomplished in our Sprint. In just a couple of days. We had a big group, but Aart took facilitation on without breaking a sweat! At the right moments he brought his knowledge on product development to the table.

Aart made us confident in running our own sprints. – Which we actually do now!

Jip Eilbracht

Design Lead – Mapiq

Aart pulled us through a 5 day sprint. It turned out to be a week full of emotion, frustration, relieve, creativity and decisions.

A week ending with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. About the process, the tools we learned, our learnings and the product we deliverd. Many Thanks!

Michiel Rigterink

Senior Marketing Advisor – PH&C

Our design sprint was very successful and led to concrete results for direct implementation. Aart communicates well with developers, product owners and business stakeholders. His structured approach and time keeping helped the team to stay focused on getting concrete results within the sprint. Aart is also able to assist the team from his own experience as developer and project manager. I was positively surprised how useful it was for the team that Aart conducted the user interviews at the end of the sprint.

Michiel Tibboel

Product Director – Bright River

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I write about product development, effective working habits and Agile.

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