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With the right mindset

Product Development in Food can be done much quicker.

The food market moves faster than ever. When introducing new products you’ve got no time to lose. It involves big budgets and you have to do it first time right. As hard as this can be, don’t worry.
With the 1SPRINT method in just one week we think up new product concepts and validate them with your consumers whether they’re ready for market.

How does that compare to your current process?

Cool. How does it work?

We always work with your current team. They have years of experience so they probably know your business best. And -tailored to your challenge- we bring some experts. This way all existing knowledge is used and amplified.

Then we reframe the challenge and generate many solutions or new concepts. But this is the easy part.

The essential element in the approach is instant validation. It’s easy to come up with new idea’s. But you can’t go forward with all of them. So what we do is select the best and test them with your consumers. This way you know -before anything else- whether your concept is worth investing time and money.

Many happy clients know how much time this can save.

Happy Clients

We worked with major food companies.

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