Design Sprint Meetups

We run the Design Sprint Practitioners NL Meetup. The group is rather new, but we try to have regular and engaging events. Usually with some drinks and pizza. 🍻🍕

The meetup group is free for all Design Sprint enthousiasts, whether you ran 101 sprints already or just considering running your first.

There’s usually interest to share the slides afterwards, but Meetup is not the greatest tool to do that. So, here we’ll host the slides for you to download.

Meetup: Strategy Sprints with Red Team Thinking

Thursday, March 19, 2020 Online

– Strategy Sprints with Red Team Thinking

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020, 7:30 PM

Pand Noord
Meeuwenlaan 100 Amsterdam, NH

69 Design Sprinters Went

==== To join our Online Meetup ==== Step 1 – Join Zoom: Join Mural: Step 2 – Get some drinks, get some snacks, get comfortable! Step 3 – 19.29 – Log in to both Zoom & Mural Step 4 – Engage & have fun! ;-)…

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Meetup: HMW use Design Sprints for AI challenges?

4 February, ONBRDNG, Amsterdam

Design Sprint Meetup: Worst Sprints ever! 😱

Meetup: Design Sprints – Government vs. Corporation

7 November 2019, Rotterdam

Design Sprints – Government vs. Corporation

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019, 6:00 PM

Handelsplein 6
Handelsplein 6 Rotterdam, ZH

12 Design Sprinters Went

Today we’ll zoom in on the environment in which we run a Sprint. The Design Sprint happens in a bubble; a make-shift organisation in a bigger whole. And to have really impact-full sprints you should adapt it to the environment. To see a contrast -and possibly parallels- we’ll look at running sprints at government and corporate organisations. ➡️ Via…

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