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Looking at Food Innovation with a Digital Mindset – My learnings

A long time ago I studied Food Technology in Wageningen. I mixed the curriculum with a minor in Informatics. When it was time to get a job I chose IT and I didn’t do anything with my Food background. Instead I programmed, managed projects, did Agile coaching. In general I liked to improve stuff and […]

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Ditch the Ideas, get real Product Feedback instead

Let’s start with a little game. Close your eyes and think about an icon for innovation. My guess is that you chose a lightbulb. Just like me and 9 out of 10 people. And this is not good. A common visual language is gold, but a lightbulb is not what innovation is about. I have […]

Design Sprint productivity user research

Fighting the sticky chair syndrome: three simple ways to get user insights

Some tricks to improve your product by doing user research more often. I worked for large companies. I worked in very comfortable offices with very comfortable chairs. Even lounge corners, playrooms, you name it. Of course, we had meetings. And in quite a few of those we discussed our users. What they wanted, what they […]